sábado, 13 de junio de 2009

Married Bill Kaulitz?

The last rumours say that Monica Sanz and her boyfriend? Bill Kaulitz (she has denied but people confirm the relationship over and over again) would marry each other on last march 26th. In the civil ceremony only 2 people would be: Tom Kaulitz and Victor Sanz (brothers of they both) and they would like to keep the marriage in secret. Even there are people who say Bill has a new secret tatoo and the newest rumors say there will be a new and better wedding next winter in Germany.

It's true that Bill and Monica are always in the same cities and all that stuff but she even said she doesn't know who he is...

is Monica trying to keep the secret or she doesn't lie?

Monica, your fans support you, but honestly I won't like you to marry him...

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